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We bring your clients onto our platform to connect them to employers and auxiliary services as well as put your resources into more people's hands.
Why Partner

Why partner with Potential?

We know how busy your organization is, which is why we're here to help supplement your clients and magnify your reach.
  • Put your clients on our talent page and give them the visibility to get hired.
  • Showcase and scale the impact of the resources you provide.
  • Get program statistics, management, and learn from a community of partners working to end the cycle of incarceration.
Our Approach

We’re a network of partners helping each other scale impact in criminal justice.

We let our partners build off our resources and other's to ensure the success of their organizations.
We put your clients on our nationwide website to secure employment and get resources, all managed by you.
We make sure your impact is scaled to those who need it and put resources you provide in the hands of more people.
We help each other learn about the most innovative and effective programs in criminal justice reform.
We get your clients resources that your organization may not provide.

“Working with Potential is a life saver!”

The Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow partnered with us in February 2020.

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