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We work hand-in-hand with jails, prisons, and probation & parole teams to reduce recidivism by aiding in re-entry.
Why Partner

Why partner with Potential?

We help your agency reduce recidivism, provide impactful employment, and get connected to all the resources needed to succeed in the community.
  • Get your agency's justice involved individuals the employment and resources needed.
  • We give probation officers, parole officers, and facility re-entry teams scaled efficiency and impact with statistics and management tools.
  • We help show that your agency is working to ensure beneficial re-entry into the community.


We help facilitate the employment of those in your agency by putting them on our platform for employers.

Re-entry Tools

We provide staff with tools to aid in re-entry and manage those entering back into the community.

Connection with Community

We get your agency connected and in the loop with others in the community working in re-entry as well as get your people connected to the resources they need.

“Potential has directly worked us to get those in our custody onto their platform and connected to the employment and resources they need.”

Todd Laird, Las Vegas Detention Center
Re-Entry Team

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Our Approach

We’re a network of agencies working for reform.

We get your agency tapped into a nation-wide network of probation & parole departments, jails, and prisons all working to reform their systems.
Join our network of agencies.
Work with us to get those incarcerated or on probation/parole onto our platform.
Learn from a growing number of partner agencies about best practices in re-entry.
Show measureable impact and work to reduce recidivism.

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