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We're working to secure employment and security for those exiting the criminal justice system. We partner with community nonprofits, agencies, and employers to facilitate the entire re-entry process.

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Our Vision

There already exist a wide range of employers interested in hiring the formerly incarcerated as well as strong, freshly-renewed financial incentives to expand the employer pool. As well, there are numerous localized nonprofits — and, in most cases, actual detention centers — invested in the re-entry process.

What’s missing is a bridge between these pillars that can be easily applied to any community while still respecting the re-entry work that already goes on in such communities. Potential acts as this bridge: a platform that existing nonprofit networks work directly with in connecting their clients with opportunity, and that an ever-increasing list of employers can use to find employees that help them benefit financially and culturally.

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We've seen every side of the system and are committed to changing it.

Our team and board has over 75 years of collective experience working in corrections and criminal justice.
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